God thought it’s worth it

God thought it’s worth it

Many times in our life we go through a hard period, We don’t know why God lets something happen and we are totally confused.

“Why Abba Father? Why did you let this thing happen to me? I was sure I heard you You say this or promise that. Now I’m left with nothing but confusion, a lost case. I can see nothing but despair .I had high hopes and it didn’t happen like I expected”.

Sometimes I think God himself feels that way. He created the world for His glory and mankind to have joy. But it didn’t work in the right way. Man rebelled, sin came into the world, and the whole ship seemed to sink in the pits of darkness, The Son of God himself had to go to the cross and die, to correct the irreversable falldown. Mankind has suffered the worst of evil.

When we come to the Lord. He lets us share his suffering and disappointment that He Himself goes through. Then if something goes wrong in our life we know that He knows the end from the beginning. Like in his creation, He knew it would happen and decided to do it anyway. And He knows good will come out of it. And when we have a situation in our life that we just dont know “Why? Why did God let it happen?”  We know the Creator Almighty is still in control. and we can hear the Lord say………“Abba God thought its worth it”

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